Over the last few years I have been writing to a very small audience on a well-known social network. During that time I became increasingly uncomfortable posting my work there because of the onerous terms of use, the cavalier attitude towards personal privacy, and the real potential for intellectual property abuse.

In fact these concerns impacted me to the point that my writing diminished month by month until I simply stopped writing. I think it fair to say the time had come for me to own my universe.

To start I am going to gather up a number of older items and republish them here. Going forward I anticipate that what I post will be a mix of short and longer pieces, some photography, and random commentary about the world around me. A tablespoon, from time to time, of the hodgepodge porridge that is my life.

For a couple of months, in anticipation of beginning this blog, I was trying to come up with names that would reflect who I am and have a musical quality to them. The best I came up with was One Voice – Essays From Life. Of course none of this met my second criteria. Then a few days ago I had the insight to translate this into various languages. Out of that came the Italian for One Voice: Una Voce Sola.

Now all I have to do is write.

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