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Interior Of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – 15 Roy Street – Lower Queen Anne – Seattle, WA

St Paul’s was founded in 1892 and in 1903 the first church building was built on the current site. In 1962 the original building was replaced with the current modern building. A restoration to the building was completed in 2012.

From the outside St. Paul’s mostly presents itself to the neighborhood as a nearly vertical roof covered in cedar shingles. Nothing from the outside prepares you for the beautiful light that comes through at the very peak of the roof and the stained glass window walls. Nor is there any inkling of the incredible pipe organ at the rear of the congregation. This is very plain building and it is an absolutely stunning experience to feel the serenity and joy inside this church.

I was so fortunate and grateful to be allowed to spend a few afternoons in the building figuring out how to photograph the interior.

This image is part of my project to document the unique architecture of the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood before it is replaced by the new monolithic 5 story apartment buildings that are plaguing other Seattle neighborhoods.

Copyright 2012 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved.