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4 Minutes & 1 Second On The #2 Bus – Seattle WA

While riding the bus I sometimes keep myself busy by anonymously as possibly listening in on conversations and or observing my fellow riders.

This particular bus is interesting as it begins in a wealthy neighborhood, then through an area where a number of social service agencies that serve the poor are located, into the downtown core, later by a methadone clinic, then through an area where the young, hipsters, and gay populations live and finally ending in a stable ethnically mixed neighborhood.

These images are a sample of the types of events I see on that route nearly every time I ride that bus. I almost didn’t take the left image in this sequence and then I saw those lime green socks. Shortly thereafter he got up and left.

Immediately afterwards the man in the second image got on the bus and sat down in the same seat and struck a similar pose. I instantly saw the connection between the two. I rushed to take the shot as I had nearly put my phone away.

At the very next stop he got up and left. My heart stopped for a moment hoping that the next person that would sit in that seat would compliment the other two. Camera at the ready I didn’t have to wait long for my answer.

The man to the right in each scene barely moved the whole time. He had managed to place bags and pillows on the seat next to him in such a manner that they physically shielded him. I think the wall in his mind trapped him there.

But the man who sticks with me the most is the first. What caught my attention initially is that his eyes looked tired and his pressed lips reveled something just short of being worried.

I then began to notice that everything about him spoke of a person that was completely ill prepared to navigate in a world with sartorial seas.

The suit was threadbare and not pressed. The well-worn shoes were at odds with the grey suit and gave the impression that only recently had he acquired them. But the lime green socks really did him in – they were at odds with everything.

Copyright 2012 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved.