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Solstice Parade – Fremont – Seattle, WA

The Fremont neighborhood of Seattle boldly claims to be the Center of the Universe, an assertion, that has withstood a number of interstellar court cases and drunken Saturday night brawls. In the latest legal test (see Galileo-Galileo Bohemian Society v. Fremont), which Fremont easily won, they presented unimpeachable items of sculpture into evidence:

However, the greatest piece of evidence entered at the trial, was the full record of the annual Summer Solstice parade featuring all human-powered floats, elves, fairies, marching and electric rock bands, and of the rulers of the parade: some 200 naked bicyclists in full body paint. My humble image, shown above, was used in closing arguments and is thought to have sealed Galileo-Galileo’s fate (who am I to dispute such things?)

With such overwhelming evidence, what more proof do we to need to conclude, that Fremont is the Center of the Universe.

Copyright 2012 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved.