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Grey Sky, Grey Barn – Spangle, WA

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that landscape photography is what I love best.

This is true partly because of the experience of being outdoors and partly because I find the solitude that goes with shooting landscapes to be a form of mediation. My thoughts run all over the place and often surface later when I sit down to write.

Exploring the land is more of a process of discovering how I relate to it as the seasons change and on a much shorter time scale, how each day’s light modifies how I see the world instead of being in an actual physical place.  It is a divine experience when your mojo is right in tune with all this.

I have lived with this image for years as it is one of the few that has stayed up continuously on a wall in my home. I have passed by this location several times since it was taken and not once have I seen it as it was on that afternoon full of geometry and grey tones – dare I say even a bit of poetry. What is still certain to me is this place had some serious mojo working that day.

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