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Ginger Snaps – Seattle Center – – Lower Queen Anne – Seattle, WA

I was most entertained by this guy the moment I saw him dancing by himself, oblivious to everything around him, at one of the music events that take place at the Seattle Center all summer long.

I mean, like what is there not to like about him?

Awesome red hair, a complimentary colored t-shirt, beaded necklaces with a totally tacky plastic medallion, the reflection of the picket fences in his sunglasses whose lenses just happen to match his hair color, and those gorgeous lips.

I came to conclude after living with this image for a while that his accidental, scruffy look is anything but accidental. He calculated that look as carefully as machinist shaving a thousandth of inch off a block titanium.

On second thought, I am probably giving him way to much credit (You know, in a space alien crash conspiracy cover up kind of way).


Amen Dude. Dance, dance, dance…

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