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Blue Water Taco Grill – 515 Queen Anne Avenue North – – Lower Queen Anne – Seattle, WA

I haven’t been able to find out anything about this building and one next door but it seems fairly safe to conclude, from the construction, that they were built at the same time. Today, while still retaining its original character, the colors are hardly in the original state, thankfully.

I enjoy showing this photograph to people who know the neighborhood as they often comment with something like, “I never realized how colorful that building is,” or “I will never see that building in the same way again.” For me, those type of comments are the as good as it gets. Being able to, on occasion, take something that is familiar and recast it so that an audience sees it de novo is edging quite close to poetry.

For me one of the more important realizations in life is that as we age, both in terms of the physical and location, that we develop a form of glaucoma to the rich details that make up our immediate world. Another realization is that even a fast food restaurant has the potential to reverse that disease.

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