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Phuket Thai Cuisine – 517 Queen Avenue North – – Lower Queen Anne – Seattle, WA

If you ever visit Lower Queen Anne and want to blend in as a local we need to get something sorted out right away: the letter ‘u’ in the restaurant name is pronounced using a long ‘u’ sound. You do not pronounce the ‘u’ in the name using an ‘uck’ sound.

There is an exception to this rule.

If you find yourself hungry and emphatically wish to state that you want to go the Phuket it is perfectly permissible to say: “I am starving. Phuket!”, as in the Phuket is the only possible solution to your hunger. Just be sure to pronounce the ‘u’ using the incorrect form.

The Phuket is housed in the same building as the Blue Water Taco Grill, however this half of the building has a radically different look. The upper white porcelain mouldings and the dark brick are in their original state; everything has been painted to reflect the character of the restaurant.

In 2001, Seattle was hit was an earthquake, now known as the Nisqually earthquake, and it did a fair amount damage. The building appears to have suffered some minor damage on the outside from that event. One of the pineapple moulding tops is missing and is now on display in the window over the left hand door. On the far right the vertical moulding base is long gone exposing the underlying brick substructure.

Another item to note in the image is the wooden utility pole. These are a key urban detail all over Seattle. When I first set out to photograph the neighborhood I tried to avoid them as I felt they were a distraction. As time went on I came to understand and appreciate that they are a critical part of Seattle’s visual vocabulary. Another one those items are the green parking ticket dispensers as seen in the Mexi Burger posting.

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