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Monkey Love Rubber Stamps – 613 Queen Anne Avenue North – Lower Queen Anne – Seattle, WA

Monkey Love Rubber Stamps was a local business that could only exist because of the particular person that owned it. No corporation, that I have ever encountered, would ever have in its portfolio of businesses a place that sells fun rubber stamps. Profitable ones maybe, but fun ones, not so much.

Until the very end, that great ape sat on that particular bench month after month silently greeting the morning commuters as they rushed by to their careers, rarely if ever giving thought to his career of giving monkey love to his community.

He always managed to make me smile when I walked by him. How could I not feel better about my life knowing that I had just been kissed visually by the joy in that place?

Sadly, for me, Monkey Love Rubber Stamps closed in mid 2011, leaving me with the hope that he retired to a place where the sun shines through a window where grand children can sit on a bench next him.

I miss this place dearly.

Copyright 2012 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved.