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Low Rider At The Lava Lounge – 2226 2nd Avenue – Belltown – Seattle , WA

I was out on this particular day with self-imposed orders to shoot quickly. Actually it was such a glorious day in Seattle that I had to be outside; after all, our window for great days is somewhat limited when compared to more southern places.

Belltown, wedged in between Downtown and Lower Queen Anne, is part commercial district, part residential, and mostly where people go to get trashed. On Friday and Saturday nights Belltown, with all its night clubs, is pretty much crazy town. The Lava Lounge is smack in the middle of a number of bars on 2nd Avenue that are more black collar (that is a modern version of blue collar) and cater to a regular clientele instead of the short dresses that hang out on 1st Avenue.

This spectacular low rider gets right at the core sensibility of the people who frequent this part of 2nd Avenue.

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