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After The Tulip Harvest – Mt. Vernon, WA

One of the larger concentrations of tulip fields outside of the Netherlands is located about 60 miles north of Seattle in the Skagit Valley. The fields were established, not surprisingly, by immigrants that found the soil and conditions ideal for tulips. Then again they may have been bored and planted a few tulips to help pass the time.

Either way these efforts resulted in a spectacular crop of flowers each spring. The tulip fields, about half way between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C also proved to have ideal conditions for a festival promoting the joy and wonder of flowers. Actually this festival really promotes the joy and wonder of leaving scads of money behind in Skagit Valley.

For photographers, these fields and the surrounding land make for a ready made subject that often results in gorgeous photos. Unfortunately most of these photographs all look the same after a while – I have taken my fair share of these.

When I am confronted with a compelling subject that has been done to death I try to think about the story at its edges. Sometimes this yields an insight, that in turn, reveals a part of that compelling subject that has been overlooked. That process is what started me thinking about how the fields looked like right after being harvested. Or maybe I just happened to put the wrong dates for the harvest in my calendar. I am sticking with first option – you can pick which one you prefer.

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