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Lavish & Donna’s Barber Shop – 221 & 223 1st Avenue North – Lower Queen Anne – Seattle, WA

Joel and Donna are neighbors.

Joel, a man, owns Lavish, a hair salon, that caters to women. Donna, a woman, owns Donna’s, a barber shop, that caters to men.

Joel has white window shades that obscure his business from the street. Donna has no window shades, and in fact she has a traffic light in the shop that lights up at night.

Joel’s door doesn’t have a window, has a horizontal mail slot, and opens to the left. Donna’s door has a window, has a vertical mail slot, and opens to the right.

Donna proudly proclaims she is Don’s Daughter and uses a Space Needle on her window sign. Joel doesn’t make any claims about his origin on his sign. That got me wondering why this is so. Could it be that he is in the witness protection program because he once got busted for smuggling fruit into Canada? He also doesn’t seem to be all that impressed with the Space Needle.

Donna gets right to the point by telling us she runs a barber shop three times which made me pause for a moment and ponder why this is so. Is she forgetful? That’s pretty scary if true because I am pretty sure she uses really sharp scissors. Joel, as we have come to understand, is much less bold. He quietly states, in small type, he is a stylist twice and that he is for skin care once. I am guessing his memory is about a third better than Donna’s.

Joel has his phone number posted on his window so you can make an appointment with him. I am guessing he prefers that his life proceeds in a neat and orderly manner and that his shirts be starched. Donna proclaims in a happy type face that walk-ins are welcome. I am guessing Donna thrives on chaos and doesn’t make much of a fuss if she has a small spot of spaghetti sauce on her blouse.

Joel has two plants in front of his building. Donna has none. I will leave it the imagination to sort who would pick arugula over a hot dog and who would choose a dog over a cat.

In case you missed them, those are apartments directly behind and connected to Joel’s and Donna’s businesses. I have my fingers crossed that everyone on Joel’s side are just like him and I have my toes crossed that everyone on Donna’s side are just like her.

And for the record, I too, am very happy to claim them as my neighbors.

Copyright 2012 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved.