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Anchor Inn Motel Sign – Peace Portal Drive & Cedar Street – Blaine, WA

Blaine, Washington is located on Semiahmoo Bay(Boundary Bay if you are on the Canadian side of the border) and includes the well protected Drayton Harbor which is home to some commercial fishing operations, private vessels, and an appliance store. The Semiahmoo are one of the smallest First Nation Peoples in British Columbia, with about 40 members out of a total of 75, living on the White Rock, B.C. reserve.

Blaine is also the last town on I-5 before you arrive the at U.S. – Canadian border, one of the busiest crossings in North America. My experience at the border mostly goes like this. The Canadian border agents are pretty happy as long as you are bringing lots of money with you. While the American border agents are not the kind of people you would ever tell a dirty joke as you would mostly likely end up with your car in pieces and you being stripped searched. This last situation, could be construed as a positive development, depending on the agent, your orientation, and your definition of getting lucky.

Downtown Blaine is located right on Drayton Harbor and makes for a fun day trip destination from Seattle or Vancouver, B. C. It also makes for a  really great place to straighten out your clothes while reassembling your car. Running south out of downtown, along the harbor, is Peace Portal Drive and you don’t have to go very far before your see the Anchor Inn Motel sign. The actual inn or motel or whatever it is, is about a block east of Peace Portal Drive.

Beginning with the sign and ending with their web site the Anchor Inn Motel (which is it: an inn or a motel?) has many layers of awesome. It has 12 clean rooms with free wi-fi and a $5.00 per night winter rate discount. The grounds host a wildlife garden with two real fiberglass deer and unknown number of fake seagulls. I get the deer, after all this is a city, but seagulls? To see real seagulls all you need to do is go outside and look up. On the web site they even have a link that highlights some of the cool nightlife going on. Unfortunately the nightlife listed is taking place in Fresno, California. I am thinking this is something they should fix because that web page got me all psyched up to go to Fresno and skip Blaine altogether.

After thinking about the sign for many hours I have concluded that it is a brilliant example of subliminal advertising and not simply falling over like I first thought. Doesn’t it look like it has an anchor anchoring the Anchor Inn Motel sign right to Drayton Harbor. Like wow. That is so cool. I wonder if the deer are another subliminal message?

Now if they would only sort out if they are running an inn or a motel everything would be perfect.

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