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Lucas B., Flyboy – St. Paul, MN

For a few moments on this day Lucas went deep into himself and expressed before my camera a depth of character that borders on being ageless. I also see hints of the power of becoming what we believe.

On this day we were celebrating Lucas’s birthday on an air base. As part of this celebration he was greeted by a retired fighter pilot who saluted him and then gave Lucas his cap to wear for the day. Magic happened in that exchange.

What I saw happen is that Lucas, in his mind, became that man and assumed the weight of that man’s combat experience.

I quickly set up my equipment and isolated Lucas from the party where I asked him to show me with his face and body what being in combat looks like. This shot is the end result of those few minutes we spent together.

Twenty minutes later he had ice cream smeared across his face and was tearing into his presents with the glee.

I could write more about these ideas, and most likely I will, but for now letting Lucas speak for himself is best.

Small Sidebar:

When I started this blog I was unsure if I had enough in me to sustain publishing on a regular basis. Now, some weeks later I have reached my first milestone of 50 postings within 6 weeks.

The experience has been invigorating but I can clearly see that this pace not sustainable. Because I view this publication as a very long-term endeavor I need to set a pace that allows me to have balance in my life. Going forward I am going to scale back to posting 2 to 3 times a week, a pace that I think can maintain over the coming months. Stay tuned.

To everyone that has landed here: thank you for being my audience. You gave me the reason to reach that first milestone.

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