Selma, what are you doing up here again?
The trash?
Yes, I took it out for us yesterday, like I always do.
No, they come on Tuesday, not Thursday.

It is pretty late, Selma.
I know, sometimes it just gets to dark to sleep.
Why don’t you go in the other room while I get dressed?
I am sure he liked this room before he moved on.

You shut the heat down again, didn’t you?
I know how expensive it is to heat the house.
But the pipes could burst when it gets this cold.
Then what? Where would you go?

Your locket? The one with your son’s picture in it?
Last time we looked for it, it was on the mantle.
No, I don’t mind, I will go help you find it.
Sure, you make coffee while I look for it.

By the way, when did you last talk to him?
Yeah, long distance charges do add up.
Does he ever call you?
Your right, I forgot that you already told me how busy he gets.

Did you take your meds tonight?
Selma, the doctors were very clear about not forgetting.
Well, if you eat before taking them you won’t get sick.
The trash? I already took care of it.

You go wait in the front room while I get dressed.
No, I am not angry with you.
Yes, we can have coffee after I find the locket.
Oh, and next time don’t use your key. Please knock first.

Copyright 2012 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved.