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Funhouse – 206 5th Avenue North – Seattle, WA

The Funhouse is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) type of place. From the Funhouse’s web page:

“The Funhouse reserves it’s right to deny service to ANYONE conducting discriminatory practices, gestures or behaviors. You have every right to conduct yourself like an asshole, just not here.”

I think that is pretty clear even to assholes.

Sweet. Not the assholes, the idea.

Besides providing a proper environment for teaching civics lessons and how to conduct oneself, the Funhouse, is a live music venue for bands that might not get heard otherwise.

It should be obvious that bands, with names like Vile Display of Humanity or the F-Holes are not going to be invited to play the lounge at some tacky chain hotel anytime soon.

For that reason, places like the Funhouse, are just as important as the main stream venue because they give voice to that youthful cesspool better known as popular culture. To clarify, to avoid being misinterpreted, this is a full on, 100% endorsement of that voice.

If by chance you think I am bit crazy about how I value things please let me give you an example that demonstrates the potential of such places. If you’re a music fan, even a causal one, and I mention Liverpool and The Beatles, often your next thought will be about the Cavern Club where they worked on their music degrees.

Yes, the Cavern Club was just like the Funhouse at one time – a dive bar that hosted live local music. I find that whole business a pretty damn important part of the 20th century.

I think that is pretty clear even to assholes.

Sweet. Not the assholes, the idea.

More power to the Funhouse, the bands, and the fans. You round out this city I love so much.

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