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Mural Detail – 9th & Pine – Seattle, WA

I frequently walk by this mural and rarely do I not acknowledge it in my thoughts. I find how the artist incorporated the broken concrete wall into the scene fascinating and how the subject’s eye seems to reference it by looking in that direction. The whole effect makes me feel as if I am voyeur into the subject’s thoughts – it is all so cryptic.

One day this mural will be destroyed by the elements or redevelopment; a proposition I find quite sad as the skill on display here is worth preserving. Hopefully it will have a long life. Quite remarkably I am beginning to believe that this mural will have that life.

If you have ever doubted the power of imagery to change behavior I would direct you towards this mural as an example that it can. For over two years this mural has sat untouched in the middle of downtown Seattle. Even that subculture, the taggers, who sneak around the city, defacing it, by spray painting its walls and etching its windows with their mark – even they understand and respect the skill of a true master of this medium.

If I ever find out the artist’s name I will update this post.

2012.05.09 Update
I found a small panel near the mural that identified the people who created this mural. The key parts read as follows:

A Youth Mural Presented By
The Pratt Fine Art Center

Instruction & Execution By
Eras + Ksera

Along side student artists
Dallas * Elihah * Sonic

Artist Sites

2012.08.26 Update
I walked by this today an the entire property has been cleared in preparation for a new building.
The mural is gone forever. I am saddened by this.

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