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Wedding Dresses – 140 4th Avenue North (Fisher Plaza) – Lower Queen Anne – Seattle, WA

Shooting photographs in an urban environment gives the photographer opportunities to interact with the wildlife or as I refer to them collectively as “The Elk.”

“The Elk” come in a wide range of varieties with a few of the benign categories being the “Watcha Ya Doing?” group, the closely related “Why Would You Want A Picture Of That?” version, the ever helpful “I Think You Should Take One Of <fill in your favorite over photographed local landmark>” type, the precocious “Can You Take My Picture?” variety (these will often stop to gaze and graze in your composition), and the ever present “I have an iPhone, it takes nice pictures” group. This last variety can also be categorized as the “Over Sharing” strain.

“The Elk” also come in less benign and often unpredictable varieties such as the “I am Off My Meds and Crush Beer Cans Against My Forehead” group or the common “Security Guard” variant. I frequently meet this second group when I go window shopping and one of their defining behaviors is to be very territorial and this includes public sidewalks. Sometimes when this happens the “Security Guard” group morphs into the “Can You Take My Picture?” type by standing directly in front the camera and dare me to take pictures of the buttons on their shirt. I sometimes get confused at this point and think they have morphed into the “I am Off My Meds and Crush Beer Cans Against My Forehead” version.

The good news for me when I was shooting these images is that “Security Guard” elk person was very nice and wished me good luck with my shots. I thanked him for being kind and promised I would do my best to get some good exposures.

Initially these dresses caught my eye because they looked so elegant in the store window. However upon closer inspection I quickly noticed how tacky they looked with the jewelry askew, the wrinkled fabric, and the odd upward lighting. I was instantly in love with the presentation. The technical challenge for me was to hold the highlights while differentiating between the blacks in the background and the mannequin body. I think I got reasonably close to my goal.

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