The Seattle Great Wheel And M/V Wenatchee – Victor Steinbrueck Park – Seattle, WA

This post is intended to complement the Two Waterfronts post from Friday, August 17, 2012. The daytime view has a different drama than the night shot. In this case some of the downtown part of the waterfront, the SODO district in the background, and the Port of Seattle are on full display.

The M/V Wenatchee, the ferry-boat in this image, adds the sense of motion that is a natural part of life on the waterfront. Ferryboats are an essential part of living in and around Puget Sound both visually and from a transportation point of view.

A few facts to give you a sense of scale about these ships:

    • Length: 460′
    • Beam (Width): 90′
    • Max Passengers: 2500 (yes, that is a correct number)
    • Max Vehicles: 202 (yes, that is a lot of cars)

The M/V Wentachee and her sister, the M/V Tacoma, both Jumbo Mark II class ships, serve the Seattle to Bainbridge Island run and make it possible to live an island life and still have a commute to downtown Seattle that is not all that different than those experienced by Terra firma based commuters.

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