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Gourmet Latte’ Espresso Bar – 540 Elliot Avenue West – Seattle, WA

Life is all about having a point of view, and if one’s life doesn’t include learning to see life from other points of view, it should. These points of view need not be trapped by words even though that is our most natural way to express ideas.

Points of view come to us through all our senses though I tend to find that I rarely think of such experiences as having that kind of perspective.

A melody, inherently, does not have a point of view as it is simply an ordered collection of frequencies that are shacked up with some timing stuff. It’s all quite scandalous and lovely.

Or how the greasy smell that lurks around a fast food burger place reminds me that those two ounce patties once went “moo” and how I really would like to have a steak and a Caesar salad. It’s all wonderfully murderous.

Or how the taste of chocolate makes me think of when I left my wallet in the mall while shopping with my cousin at Christmas, and how the bank sent my replacement credit card, to my home, five states away. This also resulted with me being put on Santa’s naughty list for thinking of words that never should uttered. It’s was all quite modern.

Or how being gently touched on my forearm reminds me of the night my son turned to me, while I rubbed his back to help him fall asleep, and he said, with that purest sincerity only a child posses, that he loved me. Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Or how driving by an espresso stand, that by day is nearly invisible to me, at night is magically transformed and teaches a lesson in the of art being in love with light. And more to the point, cupcakes covered in creamy, buttery, pink frosting that melts on your tongue. It’s all quite lustful.

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