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Saddle Mountains Landscape – Near Dodson Road S. & Road C SW – Grant County, Washington

August Light

That particular time of year arrived again
Just beyond the threshold of full summer,
With a light all tanned ripe and rich,
Teeming with the promise of life yet to come.

But not yet landed that particular time,
At the still locked gate of September,
With its ever fading parchment light,
The harvest of what has been done, waiting.

That particular time of year hangs in the air,
Golden brown hills and green hay cut fresh,
With a light, harsh and pale, soft and bright,
A moment for savoring or a noose that chokes.

My August once arrived without escape,
Ground glass in a hurricane cuts,
A flashover fire of a life failed,
A hopeless harvest teeming.

Between the last moonlight and the morning dew,
I lived with fading radio signals that carried
To my deaf ears voices that spoke
Of wealth, love, health and death.

That particular light arrived again this year,
The ashes ever warm and green hay bending gently,
With a light that shines towards the horizon,
And to the locked gate of September just beyond.

Copyright 2012 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved.