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Just Another John – Nevada 160 & Crystal Road – Pahrump, NV

And the Red, White, and Blue, Mabel, and John too.

If prostitution is the oldest profession, it’s only because the politicians were too busy kissing babies while the hookers were focused on turning tricks and making money. This lapse in monetary policy, made only once, cost the political class that coveted place in history; coming second has never been pleasant.

If you doubt my judgement with regards to this matter I need only direct you to a comment made by our 40th President, the Great Communicator himself, Ronald Reagan, “It’s been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.” I posit that the only true difference is the kissing baby’s part since that is mostly the result of skewed demographics and not some bias against babies by prostitutes.

In the event that you find yourself rejecting this argument, possibly because of familial moral upbringing, but far more likely because you find politicizing prostitution is unfair to the hookers, I put forward the notion of a symbiotic relationship between the two.

My first evidence in favor of this joined at the hip relationship, and if not there, at least joined somewhere, is this image itself. The old proverb, a picture speaks a thousand words, should be self-evident in this case. In the event that you find that a stretch we should still be able to agree, at a minimum, that the signs are really close to each other. One should also take note that John’s (gotta love it) sign is strategically placed, so that anyone coming back from the Cherry Patch Ranch, would find it quite difficult to miss.

Such a person could quite likely be in an endorphin haze and be ready to associate that sense of pleasure with Judge John. One possible conclusion here is this association is subliminally intentional and has the goal of solidifying the relationship between the Judge and his electorate. I find that to be a terrific example of how to use identity politics, at the retail level, from one John to another.

My second piece of evidence comes from an organization the gets paid to notice weird stuff like this: the Cops. It is something of a truism that every time there is a big national political convention that hookers come rolling into the host city with the Cops trying to keep it in check. One method they employ is to publicize, through the media, a zero tolerance policy towards paid fornication. Note the emphasis on the paid part.

Of course it is also something of a truism that the fornication part can stand alone in situations where an elected official fails to fulfill his or her civic duty, for example, by cutting the Police budget. In this instance, the news media is enlisted once again to help save the public good. Hmmm, this is sounding awfully familiar…

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