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Seattle From Alki Beach – West Seattle – Seattle, WA

Yesterday was a spectacular fall day here in Seattle with perfect summer temperatures during the day that quickly cool at dusk while the sunlight, a gorgeous saturated yellow, pulls feelings of nostalgia from my deepest memories about new clothes, pencils and 4th grade. There has been quietness in the city for the last several weeks as our visitors have returned home, while us who live here are now focused on life closer to home. The quiet makes me feel lonely, lonelier than I do most of time.

Seattle, being a very picturesque city, has numerous locations that make for perfect postcards pictures. The accompanying image of the Seattle, shot looking east from Alki Beach in West Seattle, is one the more classic shots. To be clear the location is a classic shot; this image is anything but classic.

On far left is lower Queen Anne and the Space Needle capped in the orange color it sported 50 years ago while immediately to the right is Belltown defined by its low buildings. Moving right again, the core downtown area begins and continues rising until the black monolith that is the Columbia Tower is reached. The core downtown area ends abruptly with Smith Tower and its peaked roof. Today it looks overwhelmed by the modern buildings, however in 1915 the Smith Tower was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. In the foreground is Elliot Bay our gateway to world.

Though I tend to stay away from the postcard shots most of time on occasion I will post one. I think it a courtesy to you, my readers, to share some of these places to help you appreciate the larger landscapes that define this area. This notion is particularly true for me when the city was as beautiful as it was yesterday. Somehow doing this makes me feel less lonely.

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