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The Space Needle At Fifty – Kerry Park – 259 West Highland Drive – Seattle, WA

I don’t have much commentary about this image as it is another quick generic snapshot and was taken with the same general purpose as the Seattle As Fall Begins posting. However the image in this case is quite good as it captures that unique feeling of nostalgia and transition I feel at the onset of the fall season.

Kerry Park, where this image was taken, is my “go to” spot when I am being rather lazy about finding subjects or I know, from experience, when the light will be perfect. On this night it was beautiful with a thick pastel feeling. The park is quite small and the cameras are often lined up from one end of the viewpoint to the other with iPhones and Canon DSLRs being the most common types on this evening.

While I am shooting, people often approach me take a few snaps of them with the Seattle skyline in the background. There is something very human about this desire to have a visual record and I always take the time to accommodate these requests for a couple of cave paintings. Quite often we do not speak the same language so this small courtesy is accomplished with a few finger points and head nods. I have actually been at park when I was the only English speaker out of 25 or 30 people. If a park can be an international rock star this place makes the cut for that glory.

I have never figured out why I get picked out to take these snapshots but I suspect it is because I have fairly nice equipment and somehow manage to project that I have a clue how to use it. Then again, maybe, because I make eye contact and say hello as people pass by me they feel comfortable asking, pointing, or grunting at me to take their picture.

The top of the Space Needle, to honor the 50th Anniversary of Seattle’s 1962 World’s Fair, was painted in the original orange color. I don’t recall it ever being that color over the decades but memories are frail about such details. When I first saw it after being painted, I thought “Wow, road barrel orange – how special.” Some months later I have changed my mind completely and have come to realize it is a perfect color for the late afternoon sun, especially at the beginning of Fall. Then again maybe I waxing nostalgic for orange toned shag carpet that were so common at the time. That is a scary idea if true as it can only be interpreted as me being consumed with full-blown dementia.

For somebody that didn’t have much to say, I somehow managed to say something even if it is about nothing in particular.

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