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Victor’s Celtic Coffee Co. Mural – 7993 Gilman Street – Redmond, WA

Once upon a time, here in the Puget Sound Region, the Starbuck’s company figured out how to take 25 cents of coffee and turn it into $4.00. A hush came across the land as we all lined up in awe of the coffee, frothy milk, and sugary syrup served in a white paper cup with a plastic lid. They prospered mightily and spread far and wide. We too spread far and wide as exhibited by our ever-increasing belt sizes.

Then something magical happened: Coffee shops, now known haughtily as Espresso Bars, sprung up everywhere. And I do mean everywhere – just like crab grass in suburban lawn: parking lots, grocery stores, restaurants, standalone bars, typically one per city block though two is common, shopping malls, sports stadiums, airports, hotels, and so on, and so on. About the only place you can avoid them is while riding a city bus or being hauled off to jail. I am thinking the bus situation is a simple oversight and will be corrected at some point in the not too distant future. I am so sure if giving hot coffee to really pissed off people is a good idea so I wouldn’t plan on being served a mocha the next time you get arrested.

Something else magical happened: People that had obtained master degrees in esoteric topics such as Greek Mythology, Anthropology, Gender Conflict, or Latin had jobs, a career even, as barista slinging cups of coffee. Parents all across the land went hooray, hooray, on the hope that their kids would permanently be gone from the family home. Sometimes the children, now edging towards middle age, even took their college debt with them.

Is there nothing coffee can’t do?

The independent espresso bars, even though they are selling virtually identical products, have very unique personalities. Victor’s Celtic Coffee has a special rule regarding children:

Rule #5
Keep an eye on the kids. All unattended children will go home with 4 shots of espresso and a free puppy.

I had to stop going here as I was running out places to keep the puppies.

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