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Uptown Espresso – 525 Queen Anne Ave North – Lower Queen Anne – Seattle, WA

Seattle is overrun with the ever ubiquitous Starbuck’s stores and its white cups emblazoned with a highly sanitized and now, stylized, mermaid. At one time she was not stylized at all and without a shred of modestly displayed her free ranging breasts and her two widely askew flippers to the world. If you happened to be a 14-year-old boy with an active imagination and hyperactive hormones, well, let’s say, many life long addictions to caffeine began right there.

Unfortunately and quite predictably, all really good and great things end up offending somebody. That class of people, the complainers, often can spell pretty well and love to be loud. Large corporations, all too often being complete cowards with regards to controversial topics, run for their cave and do exactly that: cave. Or in this case, Starbuck’s cut off the discussion by combing her long tresses over her chest and cutting her off at the knees figuratively and literally much to the dismay of the 14-year-old male demographic.

Fortunately and quite thankfully Seattle has quite a number of independent coffee companies that hold close to the original ideals that got them going in the first place. In addition to having top-notch baristas that actually know how to pull a shot of espresso these companiesalso roast their own coffees and bake their own pastries. The Uptown stores hit on all these notes perfectly.

As for the 14-year-old male demographic? I think they are far too busy these days satisfying their active imaginations with video games and their hyperactive hormones by surfing the world-wide web to care a whit about coffee. Long Live Mountain Dew!

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