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One of the sublime joys of childhood was to let my daydreams soar to the clouds and find there the items that populate one’s life.

I still can recall moments when I would see the faces of dogs, cats, and other animals I only knew through picture books. These times often came when I was help captive in a Ford station wagon that lumbered along, often in the very back, where I would not only stare at the cars behind us but to my private zoo composed of water vapor and imagination.

Over time these vapors of my imagination dried out and I ceased to see what was once so obvious and plain and was replaced by thunder heads and delicate cirrus clouds. On occasion I think about old Fords and clouds and I am at loss to explain why this change occurred.

At times I blame the power of language for this bit of thievery. At other times I duck responsibility all together and blame the biology of maturation for this cataract on my imagination. When I am being honest the truth roars at me that I simply don’t bother to look up as often as I once did and when I do it is to decide if I should take an umbrella with me.

Still those early lessons in observations stayed with me and I find that I now on occasion seek out, in place of clouds, the patterns and structures created by humans. Baked deep into our DNA is an apparent love of right angles and an ostinato of rectangles running along each of the three planes of the physical world.

Around 2,500 B. C. in the Indus Valley several early cities were laid out in a grid structure that was orientated to the compass points, a characteristic that has now persisted for nearly 5,000 years through all the great iterations of civilization be it Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Mayan, or European .

The great addition to this ancient organization in the 20th century was to extend it up into the clouds where a child’s imagination often visits with beagles and other beasts.

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