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A Touch Of Green – 2619 5th Ave – Seattle, WA

If I have a photographic style I think some of its elements would be that I use natural lighting, that I am primarily a landscape photographer (I make no distinction here between urban and rural subjects), that I tend to find scenes with a few dominant colors, and lastly I seem to be attracted to subjects the have strong elements of symmetry and repetition.

This last tendency is well suited for working in urban environments which are visually dominated by grids and rectangular shapes. Of course I am talking in the most general instance here. If our urban world was only composed of the those limited elements I am pretty sure we would have, long ago, burned them to the ground and permanently fled to the beach in search of drinks with umbrellas in them.

The fact that this never happened is evidence of how much variation exists within these simple constraints. When I look at the larger world I see endless variations of Fibonacci sequences, fractal patterns, golden ratios, textures, colors, repetition, and symmetry to name a few elements.

What is fascinating to me is how nature is so naturally suited to being lumpy, bumpy and seemingly right angle avoidant. We humans, on the other hand being all naturally lumpy and bumpy are seemingly serial right angle abusers. Go Figure.

This distinction has caused me some distress from time to time; much in the matter of an overly sensitive 11-year-old, that upon realizing how South America appears to have been ripped apart from Africa, begins to view any crack in the ground with both eyebrows raised.

The notion of collections or sets seems to provide the equivalent of musical cadence where sound comes come to a natural resolution. Humanity’s creations are but a subset of Natures set of creations. In this we can observe our natural constraints and infinite talents.

We have a gift for the squared circle and creations, that upon first examination, appear to be simple expressions of symmetry and repetition.

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