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House with Bible Kiosk – 546 Cloverdale Street – South Park – Seattle, WA

I am not going to write very much about this image and not because I lack for words. Rather, the man who lives here has created something so beautiful that words cannot adequately express why it is beautiful; it should be and is self-evident.

Seventeen years ago, God spoke to this kind man and directed him to build a kiosk in his front yard and to quietly give bibles away because South Park, being a poor neighborhood, lacked a bookstore.

This he has done year in and year without fail. He forages through used bookstores and pays between one to two dollars for each bible with his own cash. This adds up since he gives away some hundreds of bibles each year.

He has a sharp eye for the changing demographics of the neighborhood and today, Spanish language bibles are taking up an ever increasing amount of his shelf space.

He is not a young man anymore. When he speaks of his beloved roses, that he gives away at church, and about God’s word, his eyes sparkle and his teeth click from time to time.

My eyes sparkle at his honest faith and the idea that God digs riding in a white Buick LeSabre.

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