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The Last Picture Show – 511 Queen Anne Avenue North – Lower Queen Anne – Seattle, WA

At times, I think of Seattle as a collection of small towns, each having its own distinct personality. At other times, I think of Seattle as a mother and the neighborhoods as her willful and unruly children. On days, when the sky is down low and grey, they come to me as old friends that you make smile when thoughts turn to them.

In 2010, after a lifetime of living in various areas around Puget Sound I moved to Uptown, also frequently called Lower Queen Anne. A few months later, I realized that Seattle’s future as a city, one that was going to grow upwards and denser, was about to explode.

Today, with an improving economy, those changes are obliterating, block by block, the low, linear Seattle that has been in place since before World War II. One aspect of those one and two-story buildings that gave a face to areas such as Ballard, Fremont, Capitol Hill, and Uptown, is that they allowed us to stay visually connected to other parts of the city and the surrounding geography like Puget Sound or the Olympic Mountains.

In fact, that concept of faces, organized my thinking when shooting these architectural images. I found it useful to approach them as formal portraits of a person. Great care was spent to isolate the subject so its unique personality could emerge clearly. Just as the faces of no two people are identical, the faces of these buildings are wonderfully colorful and individual.

The process of doing this taught me to see Seattle quite clearly for the first time. These faces became as familiar and loved in manner not that different, from how one feels, about a dear and essential friend on a grey afternoon.

These buildings, so easily overlooked, are a direct reflection of the people who lived and worked in them over the decades. They also reflect who we are today and what we value; after all, we chose to live, work, and visit here.

Artist Statement
Preserving the Present – Images From Lower Queen Anne
Opening March 19, 2014 at 5 PM

Uptown Artwalk
Inaugural Event

Mecca Cafe
526 Queen Anne Avenue North
Lower Queen Anne
Seattle, WA 98109

Please come as I would enjoy meeting you.

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