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Church By The Side Of The Road – 3555 South 148th Street – Riverton Heights – Tukwila, WA

When I first began to drive by this church I barely noticed it and then over the months, as I learned the Riverton Heights area, it began to stick in my head.

Then slowly one day something began to nag at me about it much in the manner that a piece of stone in your shoes does to the bottom of your foot. From months, the sole of my visual soul, stayed annoyed by an unnamed stone each time I passed by this place.

Then one day as I drove by the church I started to mediate, for reasons not clear to me (such is how my mind wanders), on how we can emphasize or magnify ideas in language and for reasons even less clear to me I soon found my making lists of words pairs that began with double.

If something was that, then double something had to double that. Simple. Mathematical. Precise. Even clear when used to define that king of dry, wry pieces of language, the double entendre.

Almost immediately I found myself making lists of such things…

Double Up. Double Down. Double Over.

Double Bogey. Double Header. Double Dribble.

Double Wide. Double Sided. Double Precision.

Double Take. Double Dare. Double Indemnity.

Double Duty. Double Jointed. Double Dip.

Double Quick. Double Clutch. Double Decker.

Double Time. Double Bass. Double Album.

Double Talk. Double Check. Double Back.

Double Bitted. Double Agent. Double Bed.

Double Acting. Double Bill. Double Date.

Double Bank. Double Barrel. Double Whammy.

Double Trouble. Double Edged. Double Cross.

Shortly after reaching this point in my merry meditation of all things double a knowing twinkle came into my head and that stone that had annoyed me for so long instantly vanished.

Copyright 2014 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved