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Faded Glory – 85 South Lander – Sodo – Seattle, WA

Once upon a time America went to war, the soldiers died, the mother’s cried, and orphans were made once more.

And then World War II ended and America came home and began to not only renew itself but unload tons and tons of war surplus often through local stores and mail order outlets.

For a time a significant part of the inventory was comprised of actual military goods that typically included clothing, guns, ammunition, sleeping bags, tents, and other various items that could be useful around a camp site.

On occasion you would find more esoteric items such as German military belt buckles stamped with a Nazi swastika, photographs of GIs in battle or in some jungle standing around a dead Japanese solider, gas masks, or even an anti-tank rifle.

Today these stores still soldier on by selling the military surplus from our latest battles with the amount of goods available depending on the rhythm of our war making. Mostly though they are excellent places to find work clothes and hunting, fishing and camping supplies without Cabela’s stuffed and mounted theatrics or REI’s subtle elitism.

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