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Found – 23832 Vashon Highway S.W. – Vashon Island – Burton, WA

Thank you for giving me the chance to tell my story. It isn’t often that I get to do that.

Once I was young with many brothers and sisters.

I never got to meet my Dad, but from where I come from that is not all that unusual. Some days I think about him and wonder how we lost each other. At least my brothers and sisters and I had our Mom. She was a great Mom, she fed us well and keep us nice and warm, well at least until the family broke up.

It has been so long now that I struggle to remember the details of my Mom’s face; the best I can mostly do is remember she was big and very patient. I also can’t remember how many brothers and sisters I had; what I do remember is how they smelled and the glorious times we had sleeping in a big pile.

What happened is one day people came by and took us away from each other one by one. I felt so lost when my people came and took me away I howled and cried for two days. I eventually decided that I had to be strong and accept the reality that my family was lost forever and that I had to make the best of the situation. Looking back at this time I find it peculiar that at the saddest moment of my young life my optimistic self emerged.

So for a time my life went pretty good with my new family and then one day it didn’t go so well. One day I noticed that I was spending more and more time alone until I felt like I was abandoned even when they were home. I still don’t know what I did to cause this to happen; I guess I lost their love.

And then life got worse. Really worse.

One day I was tossed into the car and I got really excited because I loved going for car rides. I was hoping that I would get to stick my head out of the window and let the wind carry the world to my nose but that never happened.

Rather than a day at the park I soon found myself being led into a strange building that had bright lights, a linoleum floor, and the sounds of many dogs barking beyond some wall. And just like that my my family left me with strangers. For a time I hoped they would return for me but they didn’t. Once again, I had lost everything.

Soon I was locked up in a cell, a prisoner, where I stayed all day and all night, day after day. The only relief from the endless noise of my fellow inmates came when when we were given a plate of food to eat, only then did we get some quiet. I counted my time there not in days but in terms of my growing despair and shrinking hope. It seemed like this period went on forever and maybe it did.

One day while I was staring at the endless nothing a woman came by and got down to my level and looked me right in the eyes. That was the first time something like that happened in, well, I couldn’t recall. The odd thing is I felt a twinge of hope. She even talked to me, petted me, and even let me lick her hand. For a moment I let myself imagine that I was at home with her. And then she was gone and the dull reality of being in prison set in.

Except life was about to get better. Really better.

Sometime later, maybe a day or two, she returned and spent some more time with me out my prison cell. I almost felt normal. I really liked her and she seemed to really like me. It was a kind of love at first sight thing. I so wanted to let my optimism go all “opti” but my “isms” kept everything in check; after all I had good reason to be careful about letting my heart be taken for granted.

Much to my surprise I didn’t get put back in the cage. Instead I got taken out beyond the wall of barking dogs into the room of bright lights and linoleum and then out into the world of sunlight and fresh air. We talked for a while; rather she talked and I listened; it was very soothing and beautiful. I distinctly remember her telling me her name was Bonnie and that my name would be Easy, mostly because of how quickly she fell in love with me.

A few days later I thought all my hopes were about to be crushed again when Bonnie put me in a small cage and carried me around in it. I was terrified that this is where I would end up forever. However something was very different this time because Bonnie never left me alone. And then were off on what I would later realize was a great journey.

That whole day ended up being a complete blur of sights and sounds but I do remember being eventually being taken onto a very narrow thing that had lots of people sitting in rows of seats. Bonnie took one of those seats and she put me on her lap while I was still in the cage. There we sat for a very long time; I finally got so bored I fell asleep.

We got off the crazy thing in the nick of time because I had to take a pee something terrible. Bonnie found a patch of grass where everything was made joyful again.

After that we took a car ride where I was allowed to put my face into the wind; life smelled wonderful at that moment. A short time later our great journey ended and I was allowed to step into freedom; no, into being found first time in my life.

After a few weeks everything became routine and Bonnie even gave me a job at the store. I am the store ambassador and my duties are to greet customers and make them feel welcome. I also show people around the store and point out items that seem to be of interest to them. I don’t want to seem to boastful but I think I am a natural salesdog.

When we don’t have customers at the store and the weather is nice Bonnie and I like to sit on the bench in front the store where she talks and I listen and when everything is perfect we take a moment to hug each other and steal a kiss.

And so ends my tail, oops, my tale of being lost and found.

Thank you,


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