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The Seattle Great Wheel At Sunset – 1301 Alaskan Way – Seattle, WA

At times I regret that I have never traveled abroad for I know in my head and heart that I am missing out experiencing much of the seemingly endless variations the Earth provides and the diverse ways we organize our lives. However, I feel fairly compensated for this deficiency because I have bounced around Western North American extensively and have come to know, up close and personal, the grandeur and majesty of this land.

Seattle, perched on the edge of Puget Sound, is a special place during the summer, gifted with near perfect weather and more perfect sunsets. I get to live year round in a city and land that is equal to those places that I regret having never visited.

Seattle’s Great Wheel, which opened on June 29, 2012 and stands 175 feet tall, is one of those places here where the voices and languages of those that will never regret failing to travel internationally congregate. At times I smile at how much effort they make to come here only to end up, even briefly, going around in circles while but a few miles away the land sits quietly waiting to be discovered by fresh eyes.

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