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By Katherine Johnson

Radio Towers – East Madison & 18th Avenue – Seattle, WA 98112

The week after the Twin Towers fell I spent my vacation holed up in a cabin on a lake near Port Townsend, WA.

My days were spent along the rocky shores of Puget Sound watching the tides caress the land with waves and then pull out towards the deep places leaving the shore naked and exposed to the early fall sunlight.

Late in the afternoon I would return to the cabin and cook a small meal and then sit on the deck watching the lake, dead still and think about how our world over the next few days, months, and years would play out.

There I stayed stubborn until the light died, only retreating to safety when the dampness from the lake overwhelmed me. Then and only then did I turn on my radio, my only connection to the outside world, and sat there listening to the news about that day when the towers fell, over and over, while getting drunk.

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