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By Katherine Johnson

SeaTac Businesses – 15061 Military Road S. – Riverton Heights – SeaTac, WA

A consistent American theme is the tension between us that are here and them that are just arriving.

Sometimes this tension, after a few generations, resolves into a defacto holiday where a previously reviled immigrant group is celebrated such as the Irish and St. Patrick’s Day.

In the case of the Italians, the Mafia, instead of being feared as murderous gangsters, are now archetypal characters that define some the greatest American cinema in the 20th century.

Historically, this tension became organized genocide committed by us on them in the 19th century. One only need to look towards the massacres at Sand Creek or Wounded Knee to find clear examples of the horror that we can be.

Today, one example of this tension, is about Islamic terrorism and how it surfaces in our current culture. While there are clear examples of Muslim that do commit vile acts of domestic terrorism I know from first hand experience that I simply have given up fearing jihad. The truth of the matter is 99.9999% of this group of people work damn hard at simply trying to pay the rent.

I do have to admit that this clash of cultures at times leaves me agitated. My only comfort is that from repeated interactions with this culture is that they often experience a similar agitation.

South of Seattle, in the neighboring city of SeaTac, you will find this tension on glorious display. Covered women run errands on foot while their husbands spend their time driving us to the airport and when not driving hanging out places on display in this image.

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