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By Katherine Johnson

Waiting For The #18 – Near 10 Mercer – Lower Queen Anne – Seattle, WA 98109

In my previous post, Aspect Ratios, I touched on the idea of how digital photography frees the artist to create flexible image frames that fit the subject and that this technique is extremely useful when shooting big things that are up close.

This simple street scene, which contains a bus stop shelter and several people, has an aspect ratio of roughly 4 to 1 which is quite extreme.

One interesting part of this approach is I was able to select a lens that produced a composite image that required very little cropping. Another way of stating this is I was able to match my equipment to the subject and capture rather nicely our transitory relationship with very local landmarks such as a bus stop.

There is no great revelation to be found here other than a preserved moment that is repeated day in and day out with seemingly endless variations. Such moments are the threads that form the cloth of how and where we spend our lives.

Such things form the foundation of how we come to fall in love with a particular time and place.

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