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By Katherine Johnson

Twin Pine Burgers – 1901 WA-970 – Cle Elum, WA 98922

In 1958, Twin Pine Burgers opened smack in the middle of the cold war with its eminent threats of total annihilation. Life goes on no matter what. After all what choice did or does anyone have?

It was quite the year with the Russians blowing up Novaya Zemlya with 37 nuclear explosions while the Americans, over achievers that we are, blew up Nevada, Bikini Island, Enwetak Island, Johnston Island and some place in the South Atlantic 75 times. The British were total slackers only setting off 5 bombs. They do get style points for their location: Christmas Island, though I do think the Americans have a case for first place with Bikini Island.

In other news, Dick Dale records “Let’s Go Trippin” and with that invents Surf music, while George Harrison joined the Quarrymen, the then current band of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The world would have to wait a few more years for them to invent something wonderful.

In another area of competition the Russians went 1 for 5 with space launches while the Americans, over achievers that we are, started NASA and went 7 for 18 with its launches.

One American success occurred when we got a satellite into space and broadcast on December 19th back to Earth a recording of President Eisenhower saying “This is the President of the United States speaking. Through the marvels of scientific advance, my voice is coming to you from a satellite circling in outer space. Through this unique means I convey to you, and to all mankind, America’s wish for peace on Earth and goodwill toward men everywhere.” The world would have to wait a few more years for Neil Armstrong’s much shorter and far more poetic words to be broadcast on live television from the Moon.

In other news, the Lego company perfected and patented their wonderful bricks and changed childhood in some small way forever, while in Seattle, KIRO began television broadcasts on February 8th. Two days later the J. P. Patches show, a local and live kids show, would begin its 23 years run on KIRO. For the first 13 years this show was done live twice a day. It is very safe to say the J. P. and his crew were wonderful beyond any doubt.

Yes indeed, life does go on.

Copyright 2016 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved