By Katherine Johnson

Bernie Sanders Up Against The Wall – 387 1st Avenue North – Seattle, WA 98109

Tonight, July 25, 2016, Bernie Sanders took the stage at the Democratic Party Presidential Nomination Convention in Philadelphia not to make his case, nor to surrender to the inevitable that his bid for the Presidency had failed. Instead he, with plain rhetoric, reminded the country what he and his supporters stood for, fought for, and ultimately battled in vain for, in a contest that was rigged against him before he started.

He delivered this message with a conviction that was perfected over a life time of thinking about what constitutes a just society and with a message that was honed over an eternity on the campaign trail. It was also eloquent, so much so, that a good number of his young campaigners, who in one brief burst of life tasted committed battle and defeat, now standing on the convention floor wept openly; a moment of stark beauty that was both, pride and grief.

Politics is all to often about raw power and false conviction. Tonight, at least for a brief moment, American idealism burned with honesty.

Now with him swept off the stage, the Victors will now be free to engage in an all out total political war where there is only one that can win. History pivots at these times.

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