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By Katherine Johnson

Tatoosh Island – From Cape Flatterly – Neah Bay, WA 98357

The long walk now made,
A bounty of honey and salt,
In my pockets saved,
I stand at the edge of the world,
With a meager offering
Of lilies and chrysanthemums.

My path to this place ordained,
Seeded, then rooted into my soul,
Exit none is there from here,
Dim eyes, clouded seek,
Cannot find the bent grass,
Or foot prints overgrown.

With gardenias and astors we arrive,
Soon our oak is bruised and battered,
Immortality fades to yellow wheat,
Pleas and prayers, stripped to a stem, wilted,
Nearby Hell’s dogs snap, howl and strain,
Until gale winds blast us into the sea or sky.

Copyright 2016 by Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved