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By Katherine Johnson

Palouse Landscape – Along U. S. 195 – Pulman, WA – Whitman Country

One of the goals of my of my latest trip around Washington State was to explore shooting landscapes from a point of view where the image contains a nexus point where the sky and the land are visually conjoined.

This compositional decision grew out of a series of ho-hum landscapes images, while pleasing in a postcard type of manner, felt as if the land and sky were disconnected entities occupying the same space; a state of being that is in complete opposition to what I experience when I am in that meditative state where I am thinking and looking carefully at the land.

A second goal was to apply the classical music form of theme and variation to this exploration. This choice dictated that I had to be careful to employ very different elements in the images while staying within the framework briefly outlined above. It is one thing to make a point and quite another to repeat the same point pointlessly. On the other hand, drawing out the subtle differences between different expressions of an idea, can and should be a sublime experience.

In this image, Palouse Landscape, the composition is to push the eye from right to left based on the direction that the clouds are moving while letting the dark and light sides of the clouds form a funnel, more or less, that drives down to the a single place on the horizon. A second aspect is to let the clouds carry the sense of depth while the land sits static in the lower fifth of the image.

As for what this all means in a cosmic sense is left to the viewer to decide.

Copyright 2016 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved