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By Katherine Johnson

Blue Mountain Landscape – Montgomery Ridge Road – Anatone, WA – Asotin County

Some miles south of the Palouse region the land changes from wheat country to one that is defined by the Blue Mountains and the basalt canyons that are exposed by the Snake River that cuts through them. This area is one of the more remote areas of Washington State that can be reached by car with Anatone, Washington, a place that is the essence of a rural town, being the main town between Asotin, WA and the Oregon border. It is so small that the people that live there list the population on a sign coming into town by the number of people, dogs, and various livestock that reside within the city limits.

This image, Blue Mountain Landscape, was taken during a small rain fall after leaving town and on my way to a dirt canyon road that drops several thousands of feet through the basalt walls down to the Snake River.

In this variation the idea was to move the sense of perspective to the land which is accomplished by the receding diagonal lines formed by the land and emphasized by the two tree clusters. The sky in this image has a circular energy that connects to the trees, the nexus point, that sit just over the horizon.

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