By Katherine Johnson

The Eye Dish From The Satellite Fence – Along U. S. 195 – Uniontown, WA – Whitman County

The Satellite Fence, as it is known locally, is located along U. S. 195 between Uniontown, WA and Lewiston, ID and has attached to it a series of wonderfully decorated television satellite dishes.

It began by chance around 2000 when Ben Wolf, who lived nearby, decorated a satellite dish and attached it to this particular stretch of fence. After that new dishes would appear from time to time over the years, sometimes spontaneously it would seem as if a they could arise, like the nearby wheat, from a seed.

In 2014, Ben’s son, Jake took this bit of impromptu public art and made it his high school senior project. Jake, who must be a terrific organizer and hustler, got the community behind him and soon he and his crew painted and erected enough dishes so they sit atop nearly every fence post for some 100 yards or so.

And like that, what started out as a whim, became a landmark that is something to anticipate and then savor when flying down this stretch of rural America.

My personal favorite is the blue-eyed dish, that never blinks as the world rushes by, and in its blueness, reminds one to look beyond the golden field and into the endless blue sky.

Copyright 2016 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved