Una Voce Sola, or one voice, is nothing more than an outlet for me to speak a bit to anyone that cares to listen.

Artists, from the famous to the obscure, tend have a streak of vanity running through them; if they didn’t they would never find the courage to put their work out in front of the world. Implicit in this perspective is that what we create is worth paying attention too. I am no different.

I have noticed that a large number of blog authors obscure or outright hide details about themselves. From time to time what I write about comes right out of my life which makes obscurity something of an impossibility if I am to speak honestly. On the flip side I will keep a sense of balance with regards to my private life.

I now live in the Southwest, Albuquerque, New Mexico in particular after living in the Pacific Northwest most of my life with Seattle my last address there. I find knowing where people hail from an interesting detail since I believe where we live influences our relationship with the world, much like how a frame defines the border around a photograph.

My areas of interest are the arts (music and photography), the humanities (writing and history) and the odd duck of the group: technology. I am rather chatty as I exist somewhere between being overbearing and shy. I think saying that I usually can add something to a conversation is not unfair.

And for me directly: When I started this I was still 50s something; that is no longer the case. What hasn’t changed is I am woman trying to figure out how to get to the finish line with some dignity intact and a few dollars to pass along when I am gone. If this endeavor is remotely successful I will also have this to pass along though that will be a bit like winning a jackpot on a nickel slot machine.


Katherine Johnson

Banner Photograph Note:

Grain Silos – 2011.09.02 – Clyde, WA

Clyde is this near empty place in the Palouse region of southeastern Washington State. On this particular day I was out rummaging around the back roads when I happened upon these buildings. I was immediately taken by their temple like quality sculpted by people whose real skill is extracting wealth from bare land.


I don’t know how to gracefully state the all my work on this blog is copyrighted so I will just say it. Una Voce Sola and all content is covered by the following:

Copyright 2005-2015 By Katherine Johnson – All Rights Reserved.


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